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Co-ed vs. Single-Gender Education

Most schools in our current education system are co-ed. There have been pros and cons presented about both options. Some studies show that students are able to focus better without the opposite sex distracting them, others say it is important to be in an environment much like the one they will spend the rest of their lives in.


Courage to be Confident

Everyone, everyday, battles their own personal challenges, and must find the courage to be confident when facing those obstacles.  As a teenager, we battle against our desire to fit in and the damage it does to our self-esteem. One of the hardest things to find the confidence for, in the harsh world of cliques and school drama, is the little things. It takes a completely different kind of courage to raise your hand in class, or say hi to the new girl sitting beside you.  It’s these everyday moments that cause a lot of anxiety in teenagers because of our desire to “fit in”.


Studying is a Very Personal Thing

Studying is a very personal thing. What works for one person may not work for another, but I think we can all agree that unless you have a photographic memory, a quick glance at your notes is not enough preparation for most exams. How much studying is enough? 

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