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Nov 25

Written by: CouncilBlogs
Friday, November 25, 2011

"Students are our future. They are the ones who are going to be caring for you while you are in the old folks’ home or are going to be deciding things for our country so they need to be taught well and with purpose. Teachers need to teach their students like they know they are going to do something great someday because they are." - Anonymous, Alberta teacher.

Welcome to the 21st century, a decade of opportunity and discovery. The time to start something new.

As you can see, people are noticing students and noticing their potential. So as educators, parents, and students, we should ask ourselves, what can we do to make sure that students achieve their potential?

To the students, what is your motivation? What is the thing that gets you going? A lot of students may say it’s their parents but deep inside, there may be a different reason for finishing that essay. The reason could be that each and every student has a different wish for their heart. They have different dreams. Those dreams could include going to school and getting the job that they want. One of the ways to achieve that goal is through working hard at school and doing well in your classes.

To the educators and parents, students are amazing people who you have the opportunity to teach and influence, so if you show them your respect, it will most likely be given back. Now because you have this influence, it can be used to motivate students. Students who want to be great may not have a reason to ‘show what they know’ other than to graduate high school. So you can give them a reason show how awesome they can be. Motivate and inspire them, and there may be a whole lot of greatness coming from their general direction.