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The Best Version of Yourself

The topic I would like to discuss today is a bit of an odd one, in the way that it is something that I don’t see very often. People always want to improve themselves physically, which is important and good for you. However, I rarely see people talking about improving themselves mentally, or try to round out their skill base, rather.  When I say this I’m not talking about studying or trying to do well in school. I’m talking more about improving your overall skill base, your overall attitude.


OMG. What am I doing with the rest of my life?!?

Diplomas are OVER!!  After stumbling and bumbling through the grueling tests hopefully everyone passed!  Its time to take a break, veg out, and de-stress…


No Shame in Trying Again

Congratulations on completing the first semester of the school year, and man, does it feel good to be done. You've devoted hours upon hours of studying in order to keep your grades up, and for that I congratulate you! Finals are over. Finals are finally over...for the next five months at least.

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